Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Aiming for Accuracy progress

Ahead one, back two.  I don't have to rip too often thankfully because I hate it, however, ever since I made the big 21 inch pinwheel block, I have not liked the bright pink I used.  I am using all my left overs from HSH and that came out great so I thought I was safe.  AMOUNT of bright pink is the key. A4A has way too much and I am not a fan of pink anyway.  SOOOO-I am RIPPPING the squares apart-did I mention I hate to rip?

I did finish the top section completely and I like it a lot

Section A complete
On a personal note, I have had a deep cough since March.  It has wiped me out physically. I finally got to a doctor who actually listened to me yesterday and after 2 hours of tests went home with an Asthma diagnosis.  I was breathing 21 percent better when I left than when I walked in and feel significantly better.  Didn't have to sleep propped up on pillows for the first time in many months.  However, I have never taken prednisone and have to take it for 6 days.  Don't care for the side effects already but I will keep an open mind until I see her in 2 weeks.  Today I couldn't concentrate and didn't get much done.

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Quiltedtime said...

My thoughts and prayers are heading your way, Elaine. I just hate to hear that you haven't been feeling well.

On a more humorous note, I once saw a car license plate at a quilt show that read RIP N SEW. Yup, that says it all!