Friday, September 27, 2013

Taking a break from some housework-needed to wash curtains and windows in the guest room as we are having an Evergreen couple and a friend stay with us next week (one after the other).  The dust did not help my asthma-so I am sitting and breathing.  Today is my 44th anniversary.  That is an amazing concept.  Doesn't seem possible.  WE were going to do something today but Greg had a funeral to go to so, we went out for a very nice breakfast, hit some garage sales and I took the car to be washed and he left in it for the funeral.  Hence, I had time to clean the guestroom, pack 2 boxes for moving and move all the fabric from the guest room into my studio where it belongs.

Finished the top half of Aiming for Accuracy Thursday.  Totally caught up and it really is close to done. Going in the guest room in Medford along with Home Sweet Home.

All material was left over from Home Sweet Home except 2 yards black fabric-a first for me

These were the pink pinwheels that I really quite dispised-so glad I redid them.  In HSH that pink was only 1 small door to a house, so it was a nice little pop-this was a pink liquid explosion:) A real pain to take apart a redo but so worth it.
PS  I went to a sewin at the Crazy 9 Patch yesterday and got 8 circles done for my Pies and Tarts quilt that I put away for awhile but now need handwork and finished prep work for 5 Dear Jane blocks that I can work on at night.  That is why I am liking the A4A quilt - it is not a 2 year project.  I seem to like complicated things:)

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