Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home (pattern in a book called Home Sweet Home by Barb Adams and Alma Allen)  is sooo close to totally done!  Just need a binding and a few more buttons!  So glad to be over this hurdle.  I love it.  It has quite a few imperfections but It is lovely none the less.  I learned quite a bit on my first applique quilt.  I am using buttons that my grandmother cut off her old house dresses and saved "just because".  I have saved them for almost 40 years-nice to have a place to put them.

Top-it says 2012 because that is when I thought I would have it done.

yes, I know how to spell "willl"

Button detail-some blocks will only have 1 or 2

More buttons!
And a few more buttons!

Some of the San Diego fabric backing-quilt christened "San Diego Memories". 

I bought 4 yards of the beige San Diego Fabric which wasn't enough once I enlarged the quilt so, used the colored piece of SD fabric given to me 2 years ago by a precious friend and the middle panel of San Diego scenes was in the "goodie bag" I got for taking a class at the SD Quilt Show. Not showing is a row of 7.5 in squares top and bottom using fabric from top.
close-up of back
This will look a whole lot better in the Medford house with a black print skirt, matching Pillow Shams and no packing boxes in the background!  The addresses on the left are homes I lived in before I met Greg-ones on far side (hidden) are Greg's addresses growing up.  The ones on the foot of the bed are the 3 homes we have lived in in San Diego since we were married.  This will be our San Diego Quilt as we were both born here. A historical document in fabric!


Quiltedtime said...

This is so absolutely awesome. The memories have got to be incredible. Soon you will have to make a Medford Quilt!

Exuberant Color said...

That is a beautiful quilt and so many memories woven into it.