Saturday, September 28, 2013

Clean (or close to it) Studio

We are having company in and I should have cleaned the living room, kitchen, and dining room-however, I chose to clean my studio, guest room (cleaning curtains and under the bed), master bedroom and guest bath.  So today I will do what I probably should have done yesterday:)

However, in cleaning the studio, I organized bins according to what I think I can get done before we move, packed up 2 large plastic bins of things I KNOW I won't touch and another bin of kits, fabric etc to go to the quilt show's boutique to sell-hopefully.  I took all fabric hiding in drawers in the guest room and moved it back to the studio.  I had sold a 4 foot high by 12x12 inches of scapbooking paper etc.  to Greg's cousin which freed up some space.   Anyway-it felt good.  It also gave my asthma fits so had to take a 2 hour break to breathe.

This space used to be filled but now, the 2 singers (Miss 1925, and Miss 1953) who sat on the floor now have a place on the shelves.  And the top shelf is entirely empty!

I don't think I will have time to start on this until Medford but love seeing it when I walk in the room.  Bella likes it too:) It was my pattern from the Grace Errea workshop


Meg said...

Thank you for sharing Pat, it is always fun to see how other quilting friends creatively use the space they have. Have a beautiful day!

Exuberant Color said...

you did a great job on the clean up. It's inspiring me to do more than I had originally planned.