Sunday, September 22, 2013

Grape Jelly, 2014 opportunity quilt and Aiming for Accuracy

I haven't canned anything in 20 years  but I just felt the urge to use the beautiful ripe grapes on the vines that give our chain link fence, privacy.  Usually, I pretend not to notice them rotting on the vines and make myself feel better by telling myself that the birds are benefiting by me leaving the fruit alone.

4 different varieties-the only one I know is the Concord.  the small red ones are seedless and wonderful.

everything is boiling, jelly, jars and lids

The actual color is like the front jars-it is beautiful and really quite good

I finished putting the borders on the Back Country Quilters opportunity quilt for next year-now it goes to the quilter!  I love this quilt.  I have the pattern and a lot of the templates so I hope to start on it when I move to Medford .  It is called Enchanted Autumn by Vera Mosquera.

Enchanted Autumn

Then today I got one section of Aiming for Accuracy done so I am only behind 1 week.

 The 5 nine-patches go on the very bottom where the piles of fabric are.

I really don't like the pink in the square in the bottom left corner or in the large windmill square near the top nor do I like the bright turquoise in the bottom large square but I can live with the blue-can't live with the pink-have to change it out before I put the sections together. Drat!

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Quiltedtime said...

Your grapes look so good. Growing grapes is not a skill I have been able to develop. Always moldy.

Your quilts are gorgeous. The pink doesn't bother me, but definitely, trust your heart.