Saturday, December 21, 2013

A few at a time

So, Friday night I worked for an hour and a half and got 17, four patch units done for clue 4 and 8 more pinwheels for block 3.  Saturday I can sew for about 4 hours so am hoping to finish the 4 patches entirely and make 12 more pinwheel blocks.  If I can do that I will be done with clue 3 and 4 and can go back and finish block number 1 next week.  I also need to clean and cook a turkey and get ready for our friends who are coming to breakfast after church on Sunday.

Pinwheels and 4 patches
 I am learning some tips that I didn't know, so the process is good.  However, I am going to have to work fast and furious (without ammo) after Christmas on my niece's wedding quilt.  On to the turkey prep (we were not home for Thanksgiving and didn't have leftovers at my friends so, when rejected Thanksgiving turkeys were on sale last week I bought a small one).


Magnolia Tea said...

Love the orange batiks in your blocks. You're marching along and will be finished in no time. I would have been buried by now. I love the tip in the third clue about sewing just to the right of the line for the pinwheel triangles. Hope you're having a good weekend. :)
p.s. I think I'll resurrect my UFO Lemon Squares quilt in a few weeks.

Quiltedtime said...

These colors are really sparkling, Elaine. Awesome!

Joyce said...

So nice to see color. Did you say you'd like snow? I'll send you some :) My sil wants ham (we don't mind). Hope I remember how to cook it! Hoping to sew next week with my daughter. Merry Christmas, Elaine!