Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Grateful Day

A day of reflection today.  I am physically feeling pretty beat up with this ongoing saga of the sinus inflammation, constant cacophonous cough, lack of sleep, and too much go go go.  However, as I watched people leave church after first service I was filled with a flush of  deep, breath nabbing gratitude.  Gratitude for the two precious friends who are recovering after months of chemo and radiation-proud of their 1/2 inch of silky hair covering their former beautiful bald heads-smiles on their faces leaving the sanctuary.  Grateful for my loving slightly daffy friend, Julie, who has been struggling with a very similar sinus issue who is finally getting some relief-it is nice to share a hard road with a very cheerful companion who gives me a hug and tells me she loves me .  Grateful for my dear friend, Ginny, who invites me to the best venues-always fun, usually surprising, and always a blessing just being with her.  Today was no exception: The RB Coral singing Christmas songs.  A great show that filled us with the joy and wonder of the season.

But most of all grateful for Jesus, who in the very being of God, came to a sad little stable and took on human form to show me how much He loves me.  He knows my weak, prone to sin nature and loves me in spite of it.  What an amazing loving God I serve.  Merry Merry Merry Christmas.  I love Christmas.

I hope to sew tomorrow, but it doesn't look hopeful: Baking and doctors appt will suck the very life out of the day.

I started Lizzy's portrait on my flight to Seattle-a fun medium and easily transported


Magnolia Tea said...

Hope you get time to sew soon. Love the drawing of Lizzy.

Quiltedtime said...

Sounds like we have had similar situations, Elaine. Today I found out that a fellow intern and colleague of mine whom I have known since the 1970s, has stage 2 cancer. And here I am complaining about how one of my feet is sore like it is the end of the world. Sure puts things in perspective. I have so many quilts left to make that I am grasping at life as tightly as I can.