Sunday, December 29, 2013

Clue #5 Anyone know what this block is called?

Greg and I had to make a trip to Poway to do some shopping.  When I came back I got some more of these blocks done-like them a lot-quite sure they have a name but I don't know it-do you?  Got 25 done-only plan to do 50, not 100.

Clue #5 BH Winter Solstice
To see what everyone else (and there are many) is doing go HERE.  Quilters are doing some wonderful things!  My precision is getting better and I am noticing that I am automatically adjusting with repition and blocks are getting more accurate-this last batch had to be trimmed very little.

We are having an Old Geezer Game Night on Tuesday and since I thought New Year's Eve was Wednesday for some reason, I have already lost a day so I won't be posting until New Years day.  I will take pictures of the Sweet and Sour Pork I am making and will add the recipe.  My mom was paid to make Chinese dinners for the President and Vice-presidents of the company she worked for-she was that good.  She used to hire my aunt and I to do all the chopping and peel walnuts-the skins not the shells for her walnut chicken.  She was pretty amazing.  It was the only food she ever really cooked.  I did most of the cooking from 12 on.


Helen McNaught @ AuntyHennys said...

I think it's "Birds in the Air". I've only got a few made so far but getting there!

magnolias+tea said...

I think it's called Let's Make New Quilters Crazy, lol.

Quiltedtime said...

Listen to Toni! She definitely knows what's going on.

Andee said...

Birds in the air or split triangles. This is so much fun!

Cherry said...

I know this block as 'Bird in the Air'. They go quicker, the more you make. Happy New Year!