Monday, January 7, 2013

A Step Into the Wild Side

My plan this year is to :

1. Make some pieces for my home
2. Move away from the totally traditional quilts I have made in the past.
3. Work on my compulsion to match everything
4. Go jewel, bright, and out of the box.

I went to a Jan Krentz workshop today and was sooo blessed.  I had such a good time learning something new (I've never done diamonds) and enjoying Jan's incredible trunk show. She was a fabulous teacher and now does a class on Craftsy.

This is my beginning piece.  I stuck to the 3" diamonds and didn't split them.  I want to get it done in a timely manner and really just wanted to learn the techniques not make a large quilt. A mix of batiks and Fassett.

A present for my dining room table that is presently naked


Quiltedtime said...

What a treat to get to go to a fun class! It was back to work for me.

Jan Krentz said...

Hi Elaine! Great job posting the photos! When ever I am undecided about a fabric, I "sleep" on it or view the options at different times of day. Then my eye will eventually narrow down to my favorite(s) and eliminate the less successful choices.

Contrast and intensity are the key - do you desire high-contrast, bright intensity for the narrow contrast strips? This tactic nearly ALWAYS works because the little trim strips are so narrow - they virtually disappear if they aren't bold and strongly contrasting.