Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Time to Work and a Time to Rest

Well, the "Geezer" party was a great success.  The potluck was great, because of the setup tables for games through the dining room, kitchen and living room-everyone had a place to sit in our tiny house.  The games worked well and people talked easily together even those who didn't know each other.  We prayed the New Year in (Eastern time) and it was easy clean up-thank-you Dollar Store for cheap plastic and Greg for helping to get everything back in order.  New Year's Day I woke up feeling awful-thought it was the flu but I think I was just plain tired.  I stayed in bed and slept most of the day (watching Storage Wars in between-probably never have to watch that again in my life:)).  This morning I feel much better and am going to water aerobics even if it is 30 degrees out-once in the pool, it is great.  The I am going to finish the seascape-I only have borders left to do.

List of things accomplished for last year:
Etsy Shop:
6 Tea Cozies
Tea Table Topper, Celtic Table Topper
4 Composition Book Covers
4 Ipad covers,
8 luggage tags,
4 Needlework Tool Packs
3 sets pot holders

Tee Shirt Quilt for Peggy
Prayer Quilt for David
Cattitudes for Donna
Hunting quilt for Gordon
Christmas Quilt for me
Grey and yellow wedding quilt for Kristen
Tea With Thee opportunity quilt
Luke, Elsie, charity baby quilts
Cat, turtle and 3 other quilts for prayer ministry

4 phone purses
4 Christmas Stockings
5 Christmas pillowcases

In Process:
Seascape (end of today)
Pies and Tarts (finish date-end of 2013)
Table topper for Chris (end of Jan.)
Home Sweet Home (June-2013)
Dear Jane (2014)
BOM from Crazy 9 (June 2013)
Nickle Quilt  (June 2013)
Nursery set for Granddaughter#2 (Feb. 2013)
Toddler bedroom set for Ava (Feb. 2013)

Henrietta Whiskers Applique Quilt
Star Quilt
African Quilt
2 Turtle Quilts
Heart Quilt for Heart Walk
Joy banner
2 Celtic table toppers
1 Tea With Thee table topper

Because I only have a Christmas quilt to show for my time-I needed to make a list of projects done this year-I was pretty surprised that I got that much done.  Thank-you Jesus for my health, my brain, the ability to use my hands.  Couldn't do anything without you and I give you the glory.  In you alone I live and breathe and have my being.


Quiltedtime said...

I like the new look to your blog. What a surprise!

Elaine said...

I have been playing with different looks-actually would like a quilt backing but don't know how to do that yet-loved your tutorial. I have never threaded a needle and woven it into the backing-I will from now on-I'll have to turn of my thread cutter:) Also I checked out the Orange County retreat-I would love to take one of the 2 day classes.