Saturday, January 5, 2013

Finally and entirely finished!

I am happier with this quilt than anything I have made.  I didn't mean to make it nor ever really wanted to do a seascape but I volunteered to help the programs lady at our quilt guild and ended up being able to attend the Tuesday workshops that she couldn't cover to be "teacher's helper".  My first workshop was with Rob Appell and that was an experience in itself.  Rob is a wonderful designer and character and the workshop was entirely enjoyable.  I took home my pieces and gradually got it put together.  I needed turtles however, so found a panel on sale and split it with my friend, Jan, who is also working on a seascape after attending the workshop (she is quilting it as I type:)).

 My daughter-in-law is the daughter I always wanted and this is for her birthday on the 9th (I will be taking it on the 12th when I visit for the birth of granddaughter #2).  They have moved into a new home and this will go beautifully in it.  "Come to the water" reminds me of a hymn that has always been my favorite and it reminds me that Jesus is the "Living Water" and that he is always there-cooling and refreshing, peaceful and calm-with life teeming all about.

Come To the Water
Going to an all day session with my quilting buds "The Comforters" today to work on prayer quilts-haven't met for 2 weeks so am looking forward to seeing my sewgirls!


Quiltedtime said...

Congratulations on your finish! What a wonderful birthday gift.

Janice D. Green said...

I love this one! Picture quilts are always my favorites.