Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dolls and Clothes

The last 2 days I have cut, sewn and embroidered dolls and clothes.  It is my first time as we had a wonderful son but no daughters.  I have been having a blast.  Who knew doll clothes could be so much fun.  Not sure if my granddaughter will like it or not-but if not-there is always granddaughter #2.  There is a cute kitty that the doll holds that is done except stitching the stuffing vent.  Will finish Dolly today and hopefully have time to work on Stars and Streams shown below.

Bunting, blankie, bonnet, bib, diaper and body parts

Decided on the borders with corners and using that same Fassett material to outline the center star.  Had a hard time convincing myself not to use the striped dark turquoise.  Under the overhead light it washed out the lavender stripe.  When the lightbulb went out overhead, it looked entirely different.  The lavender showed more than the dark turquoise.  That light has been in there for at least 3 years.  I love God's timing:)

Stars and Streams

Finished!!! Yay.  It was really a fun day and not bad for my first cloth doll.  I made porcelain dolls years ago but those were much different than the cloth sister.  I am going to give this to Ava the day her parents leave for the hospital to have #2. Our Ava has beautiful blue eyes and brown hair with a reddish tint.

Miss Ava's baby

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Jan Krentz said...

Love that border--WHOO HOO!