Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sewing Machines Past and Present

I was at my quilting day yesterday and got a call from my husband.  He was garage saling in our little town when he came upon a find that he thought his wife would like.  After his brief description I flew out the door, promising to return in a flash.  I was back in 15 minutes and later that night after a little cleaning my husband's find looked like this:

 This is a 1925 Singer model number 128
It runs beautifully and has amazing graphics.  The wooden arched cover still has its graphics and single key.  I need to find a foot pedal to use it.  But if I were 87 years old-I'd need more than a foot pedal.

Can't wait to get it running so I can try it out.  It is the first machine that I have seen that has a stick like bobbin and the bobbin goes from side to side rather than around.   This machine came out on Dec 8, 1925.  Dec. 8 is my Birthday.

 I have a 1947 (my birth year) Singer featherweight that I take to workshops and a 1960 Singer featherweight that my mom bought me in junior high that I use at The Comforter's.  I think Singer made a great machine back in the day:). The 1925 machine was made in the US, the 1960 in England-I'd have to look at the '47 to see where it was made.  I need to research why they may have moved locations for manufacture.

The machine I use most often is not a Singer but a beautiful Babylock Elegante that isn't something I like to move-but a wonderful machine to sew on.


Quiltedtime said...

That was a fortunate find! I am glad that it went to a good home.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever find a foot pedal or get this machine working?