Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A 16 patch quilt for Tedi

My niece is getting married.  I can't be at her wedding but I am putting all my love for her into this quilt.  She likes neutrals and simple design.  I collaborated with her mom and she thought the 16 patch would be a good match for Tedi and Jeff, her husband to be.  My first 16 patch and first low volume quilt.  LOVE LOVE LOVE 8, count them, 8 inch blocks.  I haven't done a fast easy quilt in a very long time-I need a quick finish on something.  I got 10 done in 2 1/2 - 3 hours just taking my time.  Wanda has a tute on her blog..  You'll find it under "tutorials (20)" on the right side near the bottom.  She made a whole series of these so I trust her tips.  All but one of the fabrics will be batiks-the silver gray multi-toned in the middle far right is a frosted fabric and it gives the pretty flat batiks a little zipideedoda.  I think I will make it 6x8 blocks or 7x9, either way, less total number than clue 1 of Bonnie Hunters QAL:) NOT a complaint-just an observation.

2 1/2  inch strips

I am trimming and sewing the end scrap (you get 2,   8 inch finished squares out of 2 WOF strips.) into matching placemats as I sew the squares:

I'll just add borders and bind
House is clean after New Year's party and we were in bed by 11pm after watching the ball drop in NY at 9pm we toasted the New Year and prayed the New Year in -then, because it is an Old Geezer game night, everyone went home by 9:45.  The dishes were all in the dishwasher and house put back together by 10:15.  I put 2 of 5 boxes of Christmas decor away this morning.  Will do 1 box a day until it gradually disappears.  It is time for my nap!  A good start to a New Year.


Quiltedtime said...

I am loving your neutrals! I am still trying to get household chores checked off my list before I go back to work. The oven is getting cleaned today.

magnolias+tea said...

Eight inch blocks sound fabulous to me. I think I dove into the quilt world too quickly. I need a few small quilty projects or huge blocks. ;) Yours look great, love the browns.

Joyce said...

Hmm, something simple…I should try that :) Always seem to be doing something complicated. Seriously, I like this quilt and placemat, the fabrics and pattern both. Keeping this in mind. Thanks for sharing with us, Elaine!