Saturday, January 25, 2014

Large Pies Prepped!

I got all of the "pies" prepped and the tarts are going much faster as they are much smaller-I think I have about 40 left to do and then the whole quilt will be prepped.

I also worked on the dreaded T-shirt quilt for a couple of hours.  I have about 12 more shirts to prep-but most of them  just have the greek logo on them so they will be small pieces.

Today-hoping to get most of the little tarts done-fingers crossed.  When Greg gets home Monday night-my sewing frenzy will have to step back a step or two.  Love having the uninterrupted work time but am starting to really miss that guy!  His dog REALLY misses him.  He plays frisbee by the hour with Miss Hyper.  She plays games like "let's put my ball under the couch where I can't reach it and then cry until mom gets down on her hands and knees and retrieves it for me".  We are playing that now:)

PS-this is what I came home with from RtC Thursday:

I added a few pieces to my fiber collection-I am thinking the leaves will find themselves in the Cow quilt

I am starting to collect neutrals and corals and sea  foams for Regans quilt (2015)

And you can never have enough purple and turquoise batiks-can you? I had printed off 50% off coupons for E. Burns booth for all of us.

The only other thing I bought was Misty Fuse-have never used it but liked the demo.


Quiltedtime said...

Thanks, Elaine, for showing your shopping treasures. I am collecting neutral batiks, too. The soft prints looks so good as a background and a little more interesting than a straight solid color. Good choices!

magnolias+tea said...

Oh man, I need to collect neutral batiks, too. As if I might actually quilt something with all my other batiks someday...ha ha. Love the colors you got! Have a great evening!

Lisa said...

It all looks so interesting