Saturday, January 4, 2014

Shop Sample almost complete

So, the doctor out me on prednisone again so I was awake at 3am.  I am sleeping in the guest room because of my cough so i could turn on my light.  I checked e-mails, Read my section in The One Year Bible, got up quietly and made coffee, went into the studio on tiptoes and cleaned 1/2 of it.  By then the cats and dog were awake so I let them out and in, stripped my bed, put sheets and mattress cover in the wash, ran the dishes and remade my bed.  By then it was 6am and Greg was up.  He was going on a bike ride with his friend so I took advantage of the quiet and did what I had been dreading for a month-drafted a pattern for a 12 petal Dresden plate to use as a flower on the front of the journal we are making in the "Exploring Color Class"

I haven't used a compass in over 20 years, but I dusted off my old art supplies box and there it was.  I have the book, "Thoroughly Modern Dresden" which showed me how to make pointed ends on my petals-so I finished my flower and made a paper template.  Then the scary part-to see if it worked-and it did-surprise surprise.  I will finish putting the cover together tomorrow as now the hard part is done!  I actually enjoyed the process-my first pattern:)  I made the button from a circle fabric.

I think this is why I bought EQ7 but this was less scarier

6 petals short of a full flower

I used an Australian B&W for the background -it is printed a little off kilter but I really like the movement.  Stem is yarns and ribbon all stitched down with mono-filament.  I think I have to add leaves-didn't want to but . . .

This is my class demo cover that I posted awhile back.  It was originally going to be the Store sample but then I thought people would be less likely to take the class if they didn't have border trimmings so i am using it for the demo to show them what other possibilities are out there.  My blogging friend, Helen, made a different version of a notebook cover and you can see it over at her blog, Aunt Henny's  Helen is in Australia and it hit 109 degrees there this last week-Happy Sweating new Year:)

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I hope I can sleep tonight :O


Joyce said...

Elaine, So aggravating to have that cough. I had one (not currently) much of 2013. Drank cider vinegar 'tea' to cut through it.
I love the colors of your flower petals! Very lovely on the eye. Looks like your fears were unfounded and it turned out beautifully! ~Joyce

Quiltedtime said...

This looks great, Elaine. I hope you are feeling better. So difficult to sew when one is not feeling well.