Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tiny Treasures is going to be a Favorite I Think

Last night was Tiny Treasures

I had my houses all cut out and got 3 assembled.  I left an hour early because Lizzy was home alone.  I got to play "throw the rubber bone" for an hour before she went to bed so she got some exercise.  I took her errand running in the morning as she loves to ride in the car.

This morning I sandwiched my first Tiny Treasure:

And then I decided to get started on the last consignment I will ever take (this is the second part of the Tree project).  The young lady had cut out some of the tshirts so they are all going to be different sizes.  I will have to find a setting fabric so I can cut them into something I can make uniform units out of (or divisible).  So I have them all ironed and have a few stabilized with interfacing-I am just going to forge forward and get it done!

Lastly, I got all the templates done for the Turtle Quilt (which is the kids' Christmas14 present) and a second set done for mine after I move.  I will choose the fabrics and mark them today.

Before I say goodnight to the day I hope to quilt the basket quilt and choose the materials for the turtle quilt.

Tomorrow-Road to California with some friends!


magnolias+tea said...

You sure get a lot done, Elaine! Love the Tiny Treasures houses. The turtle quilt turtle quilt plans look interesting. I don't think I'd ever do a commission anything myself. Folks want way more than they're willing to pay for - just isn't worth the grief. I'm cynical. Have a good evening. :)

Quiltedtime said...

I am still really liking the fabrics in that basket quilt. Yum!