Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Del Thomas Collection at Visions Art Museum

My sweet husband took me on a date yesterday.  He made me breakfast early and we left by 9 to go to Visions Art Museum in Liberty Station which for years was a huge Naval Training Base in San Diego near the bay.  So glad they preserved the old buildings as they are such a part of our San Diego culture.  We spent about an hour perusing the quilts-which were stunning and picking our favorites: I chose David Taylor's, "Hidden Treasure" and Greg chose, "Flowers Come in Stony Places" by Karin Franzen.  Del  had a room of  Ruth McDowell's works and I had a hard time not choosing her large "Rash of Flamingos" for my favorite but David's baby hummers grabbed me.  All of the quilts were quite wonderful! I couldn't take pictures of course but, if you are in the area-go!  This exhibit is open until the 19th of this month.  You can follow Del @

Then he took me to a new place for lunch.  I had a child's Fish and Chips and Greg had Cajun Red Snapper sandwhich.  It is a new fish restaurant and fresh fish market that is reasonable and wonderful.  It is called the Blue Water Seafood and Market.  It is right next to a SD landmark, El Indios, on India street north of downtown 2-3 miles.  By then I was tired and we drove home-I needed a nap:)  Our friends came over at 5 and brought dinner-such a soul lifter.  I am not coughing as bad but still can't sleep-3 hour last night.

Have 2 meetings today-going to sew for awhile and then try to get a little sleep if possible.


Joyce said...

Your day sounds lovely, Elaine. I enjoyed visiting San Diego a few years ago when my sil was stationed there. It is the capitol for good local restaurants/cooking, hands down. Hope you can sleep soon. Sounds like it's not getting you down at any rate! ~Joyce

Quiltedtime said...

What a lovely trip. I have yet to go to that museum.

Am still sending prayers your way.