Friday, January 3, 2014

Had to put the Mystery Quilt in Moth Balls

I spent the last 5 hours cutting fabrics for the 75x75 inch size of the Celtic Solstice Mystery.  I needed to get it off my plate and I was storing all my green, orange, neutral, purple and yellow stash on the floor behind my desk-enough!

Clues 1-5 in order with notes for each clue about what I have finished and what I still need to do
After seeing the reveal I knew I wanted to make the whole quilt-also knew I don't have time right now but if I put it away half done I probably won't ever finish it-but now it is an organized kit and it has a chance of completion!  I love the colors-will be a great fall quilt.  To see all the beautiful quilts that emerged from this quilt along by Bonnie click here.

I have my first finish for 2014.  I had Marilyn bind the quilt as she does a great job and I can work on something else.  This for the Aiming for Accuracy quilt I did at the end of last year: "A Million and One Blocks"

A Million and One Blocks

Back showing quilting.  I did a red thread in the bobbin and a beige on top. I also did a no-no but it worked for me-I used a 100% cotton new sheet that was given to me so I didn't have to piece the back and it blended with the quilt.


magnolias+tea said...

The reveal of CS was better than I thought it would be. Your finished quilt looks great, love the quilting design. Have a great weekend.

Joyce said...

Beautiful, Elaine! I don't think I would choose the colors for either quilt, but I like them when put together. Lovely work!

Anonymous said...

Love your colours for
Celtic Solstice. The aiming
for accuracy is a beauty.
Kerry C