Friday, January 24, 2014

Road Trip

What a great day.  Yesterday I took a road trip with friends, Debbie, Martha and Carol to Road to California.  We left at 7:30 and stopped in Temecula for breakfast at the Swing Inn  which was packed.  After a hearty breakfast, we headed to Road.  It was packed!  The first 2 aisles were so crowded we couldn't really see much but as we wound our way through it got better.  Some beautiful quilts but the trend to load them with thread and crystals is not to my liking.

I like this jacket

I seem to be drawn to quilts made from photographs


I really like Sue Spargo's designs


Sharon Schamber does exquisite work-I just don't care for the genre

Sorry for the blur.  This pattern is from Kim McLean,  Stars and Sprigs

You can find Kim McLean's pattern here:

My favorite kind of quilt-traditional pattern with an entirely new interpretation-color and design-no crystals-no over the top quilting-I LOVE THIS.  I give it best of show.

This artist won a ribbon last year for the first of the series which was the  Madonna done in silver

another quilt from a picture-love it

This was a mug rug in the Misty Fuse booth-I just liked it.

This year there was an outer tent with vendors-hard to find at best.

My lighting wasn't good-but this was a really cute quilt

All in all a good show-I bought some fibers, batiks, and Misty Fuse
My poor dog was beside herself by the time I got home-she never gets left for 12 hours
I felt so bad I let her sleep with me and we wrestled in bed this morning before I got up at 5am.
Going to finish prep on Pies and Tarts today so i can get rid of the table in the living room.


magnolias+tea said...

Ahhh....Venice is pretty cool. I love picture quilts. (I don't know why I started another pieced one.) Bad Hair Day is interesting, too.
Well, I have to get out to the store. It's still not even 20ºF. O.O
Send warm weather!

magnolias+tea said...
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Quiltedtime said...

Thanks for sharing. I am so busy with our show here that I won't get to Road this year. Would be interested in seeing your purchases. You know me, I love shopping.